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Nanosono launches its first product line in China

Within the partnership with Guangdong Kangba Technology Co LTD

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We are proud to announce that Nanosono and Guangdong Kangba Technology have developed a new line of antibacterial water-based paints with the QUACTIV™ - groundbreaking and cost- effective antimicrobial solution for the coatings industry. Following the strategic approach of Nanosono, the collaboration with Kangba demonstrates ongoing commitment to make a global impact through fruitful long-term partnerships.

The launch event, held on March 28th, marked a significant milestone for Nanosono as the QUACTIV™ technology brings unparalleled antibacterial and antiviral properties to the developed coatings and outperforms traditional silver-based additives, providing a more effective and less toxic solution with much lower concentration.

This collaboration not only enhances the performance of developed water-based paints but also contributes to the sustainable development of the coatings industry. The QUACTIV™ technology, holding a national invention patent, promotes the greening of building materials and the creation of eco-friendly spaces in smart cities.

Yuan Weizhuang, Chairman of Guangdong Kangba Technology Co., Ltd., expressed confidence in the transformative potential of QUACTIV™ technology, saying, "We believe that this technology will further expand its market share and promote the sustainable development of China's coatings industry"

“We are happy to start our operations in China by bringing first in its kind innovative solution for the paint industry. Being a great achievement, this is just the beginning of our operations on the Chinese market” - says Ori Bar Haim, the CEO of Nanosono.

The integration of the QUACTIV™ in water-based paints signifies a major development in the post-pandemic era and enables Kangba to offer a one-stop service, from packaging to promotion and application, across various public and living spaces, including hospitals, hotels, schools, nursing homes, shopping malls, and residential areas.



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