A deeper dive into the Antimicrobial space

Halsted Hampton is launching the line of cosmeceutical products based on Nanosono’s skincare technology

The unique high-end products will be marketed under the premium 'Béroche' brand

Partnership Announcement | 2.5 Min

Halsted Hampton announced today that it has signed a business cooperation and partnership agreement with the Israeli nanotechnology company – Nanosono. Considering the size of the market, the development, manufacturing and sales projection over the coming years, Halsted Hampton evaluates the project over €100M, as both companies expend their business activities. 

As part of the agreement, two companies created a first-of-its-kind cosmeceutical product line based on the QUACTIV™ Technology, developed by Nanosono. 

These products will be manufactured by Halsted Hampton – The Solfay Group healthcare division, managed by the CEO Henry Pitchkhadze – and will be marketed under the premium “Béroche” brand, owned by Halsted Hampton. The cosmeceutical line, made from natural ingredients with premium fragrances, will be perfectly suitable for customers, who are looking for effectivity and high-quality solutions, ensuring health of skin, hair and nails.

Jointly developed formulations are targeted to common skin conditions, such as diabetic and chronic wounds, burns, scar treatment, infections, anti-mycotic treatment, acne prone, psoriasis, skin seborrhea, atopic dermatitis, onychomycosis and skin aging

The cosmeceutical solutions will include combinations of anti-inflammatory botanicals, innovative patented antimicrobials, and premium fragrances to accompany the products. By possessing antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and regenerative properties, these dermatological products provide dual action, preventing infections while contributing to improving the normal functionality and appearance of the skin.

Halsted Hampton offers additional wide range of healthcare products that cater to hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, surgeries, laboratories, and food establishments. The healthcare products are designed to provide high-quality care and comfort, while the disposables help to maintain a safe and clean working environment. 

Nanosono company, managed by the CEO Ori Bar Chaim, developed the innovative antimicrobial materials that eliminate disease-causing pathogens and can be used in medical and industrial applications. Along with the advanced antimicrobial technology, Nanosono developed and patented the topical formulations, that include both a proprietary active ingredient and a novel combination of antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agents. 

These premium products shall be available for purchase at the Béroche website and in the Pharmacies in Europe.


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