Kills a broad spectrum of microbes on contact
Stable, Always-on technology; no need to re-coat or re-apply
Low production costs & highly effective at very low concentration
  • Revolutionary in the battle<br>against infections & diseases

Revolutionary in the battle
against infections & diseases

Our integrated technology can transform almost any material or surface into “antimicrobial firewall” by charging it with the antimicrobial powers of nanotechnology. This “firewall” becomes active instantly and unlike other antimicrobial technology, stays active permanently, providing safe, continuous protection that’s always on. No need to re-coat or re-apply.


Our always-on antimicrobial shield can be integrated into a wide range of applications



Chief Executive Officer


Chief Technology Officer

Viruses and Molecular Biology Manager

IP Protected antimicrobial platform

NANOSONO antimicrobial platform, has received a Notice of Allowance from the United States Patent & Trademark Office
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Israeli government funding

NANOSONO was awarded to lead the antibacterial electrospun purification barrier by the Israel Innovation Authority
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Strategic Partnership with the Turkish Public Listed Company ODAS

The two companies will build a first of its kind factory in Turkey to make uniquely effective antibacterial fabrics and textiles
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