A deeper dive into the Antimicrobial space


All in one solution for treating Acne Prone

What are the problems with commonly use Acne treatments?
4 min read - Derma
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Antimicrobial Paints & Coatings to Protect Work Place Environment

Invisible pathogens lives in your office. How can you make sure that your work zone is safe?
4 min read - Paints & Coatings
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Meet us at Nanotech France! 15-17/6

Book a meeting with Nanosono team>
2 min read - Events
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Antimicrobial Resistance: Prevention is Better than Cure

Antibacterial resistance is a 'silent pandemic' spreading at a dramatic rate, which makes threating infections more challenging than ever
7 min read - Microbial Resistance
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The Next Generation of Personal Protective Equipment

What if PPE had the ability to not only protect but to eliminate pathogens?
4 min read - fabrics
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Antimicrobial Paint for Public Transportation Walls

Which harmful bacteria are 'traveling' in the public transport?
4 min read - paints
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The benefits of antimicrobial paint for the hotel industry

How to ensure hotel guests that they are staying in a clean and hygienic room?
4 min read - paints
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Role of Antimicrobial Paints in Preventing Future Pandemics

How antimicrobial paints enable to eradicate pathogens?
5 min read - paints
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Strategic Partnership with the Turkish Public Listed Company ODAS

The two companies will build a first of its kind factory in Turkey to make uniquely effective antibacterial fabrics and textiles
2 min read - textiles
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