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From the ashes of October 7, Nirlat and NANOSONO create paint that prevents disease

The innovative paint is already being used in multiple departments at Hillel Yaffe Medical center, where they plan to extend its use to the whole facility.
Nirlat, NANOSONO make groundbreaking wall paint. - Israel News - The Jerusalem Post (jpost.com)

Is this the wall paint that will destroy bacteria and viruses?

Nirlat in collaboration with NANOSONO developed AQUANIR ACTIVE SHIELD, an acrylic paint that destroys up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. In the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center, the paint has already been applied in several departments.
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The factory in Nir Oz cooperates with the nanotechnology company: "Revolution"

Nirlat teamed up with Nanosono to launch a water-based acrylic paint that aims to destroy bacteria. The technological innovation produces a mechanism that does not diminish over time. The development addresses a need that exists in hospitals, nursing homes, kindergartens and food factories.
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Nirlat's Revolutionary Development: Acrylic Paint that Destroys Microbs

Nirlat that operates in Kibbutz Nir Oz that was severely damaged on October 7, and in the meantime has returned to activity, is launching an acrylic paint that destroys bacteria in collaboration with the nanotechnology company, Nanosono.
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Halsted Hampton is launching the line of cosmeceutical products based on Nanosono’s skincare technology

The unique high-end products will be marketed under the premium 'Béroche' brand
Partnership Announcement | 2.5 Min
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Revolutionizing the Eczema Treatment

How QDERMA Can Take Your Products to the Next Level
4 min read - Derma
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Paints can play a vital role in preventing HAI

It only looks sparkling: What can be found on hospital surfaces?
4 min read - Paints & Coatings
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New Standard of Hygiene: Bactericidal Personal Hygiene Products

Baby diapers, Feminine Hygiene and Adult incontinence - It's time to take Hygiene to the next level
4 min read -Fabrics
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All in one solution for treating Acne Prone

What are the problems with commonly use Acne treatments?
4 min read - Derma
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