Transforms your application into dynamic active shields
NANOSONO always-on antimicrobial technology is introduced as an additive to a wide range of materials and applications during the manufacturing process, simply and cost effectively. Once added, it provides the highest level of antimicrobial protection and lasts for the entire lifetime of your product.


NANOSONO's antimicrobial technology offers a first of its kind solution for the cosmetics and skincare industry. Its anti-infectious and anti-inflammatory agents present biomedical and cosmetic benefits that can be integrated into creams, gels and powders, and help maintain healthy skin while dramatically improving its appearance. 


NANOSONO’s solution combines unique nanoparticles with additional molecules that influence the outer skin layers and provide multiple functions in a single product:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-acne
  • Eliminates bacteria on the skin

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Turn your product Antimicrobial with Nanosono Technology
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