Anti-microbial Paint for Public Transportation Walls

Which harmful bacteria are 'traveling' in the public transport?

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Public transportation platforms host millions of people daily. According to APTA report, in 2019 Americans traveled 9.9 Billion times on public transportation, which translates to 34 million rides a day and 56.1 Billion miles a year.

Although public transportation services enable easier and cost-effective mobility, the lack of stringent protocol for consistent cleaning generates optimal conditions for reproduction of pathogens, especially on surfaces such as walls, windows, seats, and handles. 

Have you ever asked yourself how many bacteria are traveling with you?

Prof. Paul Matewele, a microbiologist from London, studied this issue and his findings were shocking: Using UV light, he tested different public transportation modes in the City, and found 121 different bacteria and mould strains. The Study showed growing colonies of Staphylococcus Aureus, E.coli, and Klebsiella Pneumonia which are well known as dangerous superbugs that can cause serious infections.

Q-PAINT will turn public transportation walls & surfaces to dynamic active shields against pathogens. How?

Q-PAINT is a revolutionary additive for paints and coatings that provides permanent protection against diseases caused by bacteria and viruses. It has shown durable activity against a wide range of microbes including Human Corona Virus. Today, it can be easily and cost-effectively mixed into many types of water-based acrylic paints. Its high efficacy in very low concentration of active material makes it extremely appealing to Paint manufacturers and final customers.

The Q-PAINT solution is ideal for any wall or surface, especially for environments that require highly hygienic spaces, such as public transportations services, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, schools and more.

Nanosono | Active Antimicrobial Protection over a Decade

Nanosono is an Israeli-based company that developed an advanced antibacterial and antiviral technology that can be easily embedded into various matrices, such as paints, fabrics, topical formulation and many other. Our proprietary technology manages to destroy bacteria and other microorganisms in an efficient, permanent, and non-toxic way - unlike similar technologies.


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