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Strategic Partnership with the Turkish Public Listed Company ODAS

The two companies will build a first of its kind factory in Turkey to make uniquely effective antibacterial fabrics and textiles

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Israel's commercial relations with Turkey continues strongly. The Israeli nanotechnology company Nanosono, which develops easily implementable antibacterial solutions for various products and surfaces, announced a significant cooperation agreement with Turkish company ODAS.

As part of the agreement, ODAS will invest in the continued development of Nanosono’ s various antibacterial and antiviral technologies. In addition, the companies agreed to establish a first-of-its-kind factory to produce coated antibacterial fabrics in Turkey, which will be marketed by the two companies as antimicrobial fabric products in Israel, Asia Pacific and throughout Europe.

The bactericidal fabrics will be embedded with the QLEARON technology that Nanosono has developed and perfected at its R&D center in Yokneam. With advanced nanotechnology, QLEARON manages to destroy various bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens more efficiently, permanently, and cost-effectively than any other technologies on the market.

ODAS is a Turkish giant company that operates in different industries mainly in energy and mining. The company is ranked among the 100 largest companies on Borsa Istanbul Stock Exchange.

Nanosono was founded in 2015 by Ronen Sarusi and is owned in significant part by Sarusi family, AHG Group, a large American family office and Michael Mirilashvili

Burak Altay, CEO of ODAS said: "We are excited to launch a new business arm in the textile field together with Nanosono. The collaboration will contribute to the realization of ODAS's vision of providing groundbreaking solutions in various industries. Burak added, "Nanosono’ s unique platform that is at the forefront of technology along with our advanced industrial capabilities and our talented engineers will take the textile market to the next level.

Ori Bar Chaim, CEO of Nanosono said: "This is a significant milestone in Nanosono’s business growth on the way to becoming a leading global player in the antibacterial textile market. I have no doubt that the joint development will provide great value to advanced antibacterial brands in the textile market, particularly in the current era when demand for antibacterial solutions is at its peak. I would like to thank our partner ODAS from Turkey for their investment and trust and thank Mr. Nimrod Arad, member of the Israel-Turkey Chamber of Commerce, for introducing and promoting this important agreement."

Aaron Gorovitz, Chairman of the Nanosono Board of Directors said, "The ODAS investment is a huge expression of confidence in Nanosono. We are preparing to deliver advanced antibacterial fabrics from the production lines in Turkey to other markets around the world. As a result of the signed agreement and other developments, we expect to double our company's value to $100 million by the end of 2022."


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