Paints can play a vital role in preventing HAI

It only looks sparkling: What can be found on hospital surfaces?

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Hospital acquired infections, also known as Healthcare associated infections (HAIs) remain leading causes of morbidity and mortality among the hospitalized patients. These infections are transmitted through the contaminated hospital environment that includes surfaces, fomites, medical devices, air and water. According to the CDC estimation, in the United States alone,  every year nearly 1.7 million  people contract HAI related infections and about 99,000 among them die.

HAI related infections result from a range of pathogens including bacteria, virus, and fungal species. These pathogens are responsible for many life-threatening infections and illnesses such as pneumonia, urinary tract infections, and central-line associated blood stream infections. HAIs are not only associated with extended hospital stay but also can impose huge financial burden both on the patients and the healthcare system. A published report by CDC on hospital-acquired pneumonia has estimated an increase in hospital stay for affected patients by about 8 days and a morality rate in the range 30% to 70%.

The Hidden killers on hospital walls

The hospital environment harbors many deadly pathogens in different objects and surfaces such as door knobs, toilets, walls, tables, floors, bedrails, and medical equipment. Many studies have been conducted to accurately identify and profile various pathogens in the hospital environment. In one of such studies, the researchers have examined 204 samples collected from various hospital surfaces and medical equipment. The study confirmed the presence of harmful pathogens on various surfaces including the multi-drug resistant  Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) , vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus spp. (VRE), Escherichia coli, Salmonella spp., and Candida albicans.

According to the researchers, the routine cleaning that is commonly used are often not efficient and sometimes incapable of eradicating all the deadly pathogens. In addition, there are no regular disinfection protocols for surfaces such as walls and ceilings, making them susceptible for uncontrolled growth of the microorganisms. 

Turn your paint into active shield against pathogens

QUACTIV is a revolutionary additive for paints and coatings that provides permanent protection against diseases caused by harmful pathogens such as Bacteria, Virus and Fungus. It has shown durable activity against a wide range of microbes including Human Corona Virus. Today, it can be easily and cost-effectively mixed into many types of water-based acrylic paints. Its high efficacy in very low concentration of active material makes it extremely appealing to Paint manufacturers and final customers.

QUACTIV solution is ideal for any wall or surface, especially for environments that require highly hygienic spaces, such as public transportations services, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, schools and more.

Active Antimicrobial Protection over a decade

Nanosono is an nanotech company that developed an advanced antibacterial and antiviral technology. The technology can be easily embedded to various applications such as paints, fabrics, topical formulation and many more. 

Unlike many other antimicrobial technologies, our patented technology is based on nanotechnology that manages to destroy bacteria and other pathogens in an efficient, durable, and non-toxic approach.


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