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Absorbent Hygiene Products (AHP) are designed to enhance the quality of life by effectively absorbing liquid and solid waste as an essential way to combat bacterial infection threats and preserve the quality of skin in contact. An impressive range of products starting from Baby Diapers to Feminine Hygiene and to Adult incontinence are purposely designed to provide maximum comfort, convenience, and above all peace of mind.

Are AHPs really safe?

AHPs are mainly based on breathable non-woven fabrics, which provide excellent liquid and solid absorbent properties and comfort. Since, these product are primarily used around sensitive areas, they are susceptible for microbial growth. 

Prolonged use of AHPs create relatively occlusive environment across the underlying skin. Together with other factors, the occlusive characteristics of AHPs will change the microclimate through the events such as increasing humidity, rise in pH and the temperature. These events are known to negatively affect the barrier properties of the skin and makes the skin susceptible for chemical and microbial attack. Microbial infection is particularly pronounced in the environment that is rich with urine and the feces. There are number microorganisms that typically grow around sensitive areas of the body covered by the AHPs, such as Candida albicans, group B Streptococci, G. vaginalis etc. These microbes can lead to several reported health conditions such as diaper dermatitis, incontinence associated dermatitis, toxic shock syndrome, skin irritation and even Urinary Tract Infections. 

What are the limitations with the commonly used AHP products?

In the recent years, many AHPs have entered the market with antibacterial property claims. During the same time, skin conditions that are associated with the AHPs rose dramatically. The main reason is that most of the antibacterial agents used in the AHPs are not bactericidal, but they are bacteriostatic. “Bacteriostatic” is when the agent prevents the growth of bacteria while keeping its ability to develop resistance. On the other hand, “bactericidal” means that the antimicrobial agent destroys the bacteria. According to GB 15979, the standard requires efficacy rate ≥ 90% for ‘bactericidal’ while only ≥ 50% for ‘bacteriostatic’.

The efficacy of the commonly used absorbent hygiene products today are questionable because they primarily rely on natural organic bacteriostatic agents. On the other hand, the inorganic antibacterial agents that rely on heavy metal ions release such as silver, zinc or copper are relatively effective but raise toxicity concerns. The toxicological concerns are related to the mechanism of the antibacterial action that rely on release of non-targeted heavy metal ions. 

QUACTIV – Advance antimicrobial technology for AHPs

QUACTIV by Nanosono, is a revolutionary platform technology based on nanomaterials that enables instant and continuous antimicrobial action. When QUACTIV is embedded in various products and applications, the broad spectrum bacteria killing efficacy of the QUACTIV is as high as 99.999%. The material efficacy has been tested according to the international standards (AATCC100) against broad spectrum of microbes and it also confirmed safe for everyday usage. QUACTIV antimicroabial mechanism is not based on leaching of heavy metal ions. This technological platform can be easily and cost-effectively embedded into different types of fabrics during the manufacturing process. QUACTIV is the new generation of personal care products, creating a New Standard of Hygiene. 

As the increase of people'’s willingness to consume antibacterial products, QUACTIV can meet the market needs for a long-term and highly effective antimicrobial products.

Nanosono | Global Provider of Antimicrobial Solutions 

Nanosono is an nanotech company that has developed an advanced antibacterial and antiviral technologies that can be easily embedded into a various application such as paints, fabrics, topical formulation and many more. 

Unlike many other antimicrobial technologies, our patented technology is based on nanotechnology that manages to destroy bacteria and other pathogens in an efficient, durable, and non-toxic approach.


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