The benefits of antimicrobial paint for the hotel industry

How to ensure hotel guests that they are staying in a clean and hygienic room?

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A recent report indicated that 88% of the customers take note of the cleanliness in hotels.

The Covid-19 pandemic has created high awareness towards basic hygiene, therefore cleanliness has become the top priority factor of choosing hotels worldwide.

People around the world carry or transmit a wide range of pathogens including influenza, herpes, Staphylococcus infections, hepatitis, tuberculosis and many more.  The mugs, towels, and linens are frequently washed or changed, however hotel room walls harbor deadly pathogens and potentially infect staying guests.

Q-PAINT is a revolutionary additive invented for paints to provide permanent protection against disease causing bacteria and viruses. It has shown durable activity against a wide range of pathogens including family of coronavirus. Therefore Q-PAINT is highly recommended for use in the hospitality industry to ensure the safety of hotel guests. Q-PAINT is a patented cost-effective additive that exerts activity that is not based on release of toxic chemicals or heavy metal ions.

How can Q-PAINT turn your Acrylic Paint antimicrobial?

Q-PAINT can be easily and cost-effectively added to various water-based acrylic paints without changing the manufacturing process. These paints exhibit high efficacy against pathogens with a very low concentration of the active additive.  The Q-PAINT solution is ideal for any walls or surface,  especially for  in the environments that require continuous disinfection such as in hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, public & government buildings and more.

Active Antimicrobial Protection over a decade

Nanosono is an Israeli-based company that has developed an advanced antibacterial and antiviral technology that can be easily embedded into a various application such as paints, fabrics, topical formulation and many more. 

Unlike many other antimicrobial technologies, our patented technology is based on nanotechnology that manages to destroy bacteria and other pathogens in an efficient, durable, and non-toxic approach.


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